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Ayesha Javaid

Ayesha is a self-motivated entrepreneur. She’s been helping startups for years, her passion is building new products and creating opportunities that other people can get benefit from.
As a founder of, her mission is to improve the society by changing the mentality of Pakistani millennials, she believes that positive mindset is the key for every successful person.
Ayesha has great experience of working with millennials and understand what drawbacks holding them back.

Zain Saeed

Zain is an engineer by profession and freelance journalist. After 6 years of working in different sectors, he got into entrepreneurship. He always thought he can be more useful in building something that can improve the society.
As a co-founder and advisor of Babaje Group, he’s dream is to build a better society while improving himself in the process.
He’s the best golf player in town.