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    Kim Jong Un is probably unstoppable after sending a missile over Japan

    North Korea nuclear weapon program is becoming dangerous for U.S. as they are not able to stop Kim to stop testing nuclear missiles. Recently North Korea send a missile to Japan saying that it no longer need to exist on world map. U.S want to proceed talk with North Korea but U.S wants to talk […]

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    iPhone X: Mandatory Facial Recognition – You Should Worry About!

    iPhone X FaceID

    Apple just unveiled it’s next generation smartphone called “iPhone Ten” or iPhone X and it has features filled with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AI) that make some serious threats to user private data, such as Face ID data. And for security reasons, it’s not safe. Back in 2015 hackers claimed that they can […]

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    Behold: the iPhone X. Everything you need to know

    Apple iPhone X

    iPhone X is a great smartphone ever launched by Apple. It has features you won’t believe like Face ID, Animoji and the design in so clean and perfect. I must say that it’s just perfection in a smartphone. But the price is little up, some of you folks can’t get it without some savings. It’s […]

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    What news Imran Khan feared the most about getting leaked

    Imran Khan and Reham Khan Marriage News Leaked

    Imran Khan who is now the President of the political party “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf”. Imran’s first wife was Jemima Goldsmith Khan and that was his real wife. Reham Khan, who he never married and that was all a big political stunt (NOW revealed). And he is really disappointed about the news getting leaked. He never married with […]