Forced Amputations and Begging Business in Pakistan

Amputated Child Begging Pakistan

It is normal for society to have some people begging for money. Although it is not a desirable act but everything have reasons. Some of these reasons are genuine; these people really need our help while other might be just addicted to it. It is the second category that is most concerning to us.

Our Condition

Pakistani society has one thing different than normal societies described above. It has a lot more of these second category people than the real deserving ones. It has reached a point where begging has become a business. Its purpose is not to fulfil the need of individual person or family. Like all other businesses this one is also focused on profit making than needs.

Beggar Begging

How much money can be made this way???

Many of you would wonder how is this a business?? How much one can make form it???
The answer is very simple
A man with apparent or real amputation can make 1000-1500 a day.
A child with apparent or real amputations can make 1500-2000 a day.
A woman claiming to be widowed can make 1000-1500 a day.
A woman with a toddler with her while begging can make 1000-2000 a day
(data taken from a survey conducted in 2015 by private NGO)
Although with 1500 a day you can make 45,000 a month which is pretty decent amount for one member of family. With 4 members family the total would be 180,000. If they are earning this much then why are they still poor or doing this hard work??? The answer is in following paragraph.

Who and How this business is controlled.

The most of this money is collected by the ring leader who owns these beggars. In return he provides them with place to live, protection if arrested. He might be the biggest benefactor but he is not the only one. People with the responsibility to control and enforce laws related to begging takes their cut from these ring leaders. Areas are allotted to these beggars , with changing schedule and anybody found deviating or invading their territory is properly dealt with.

Forced Amputations and Our Contribution

It is no secret that we are much more kind hearted to people with disabilities than the ones that look normal. This fact has pushed these ring leaders to unimaginable distances. Small children are sometimes abducted and sometimes given up by poor families to these crime lords. They amputate their limbs or legs to make them ideal figure for this business. Hence by our preference to give away money to these disable people, we have caused irreversible damages to these kids. They will live with these disabilities for their whole life and would make a perfect beggar, the one that cannot run away, the one that will always turn in, the one that has no hope.

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Written by Zain Saeed

Zain is an engineer by profession and freelance journalist. After 6 years of working in different sectors, he got into entrepreneurship. He always thought he can be more useful in building something that can improve the society.

As a co-founder and advisor of Babaje Group, he’s dream is to build a better society while improving himself in the process. He’s the best golf player in town.


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