I salute his strategy, this man made $10,000 in just 4 hours

What do you think? Is that okay or not? Vote below!!

This man’s genius, he used to sit with one basket and making $25 to $50 in 6 hours a day.

He brainstorm and got this idea, to make a competition among people of different religions. As he know that people only give for a purpose, no one just give anything for nothing, there’s always a purpose behind it.

The charities people do, there’s a satisfaction behind it.

So he come up with this idea and put 9 baskets with labels of different religions. And holding a sign saying “Which Religion Cares The Most About The Homeless?

Within just 4 hours he was able to make approx $1000.

So what do you think?Is it okay or not? – Vote below!!

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Written by David Angelo

David is a self-motivated entrepreneur. He's been helping startups for years, his passion is building new products and creating opportunities that other people can get benefit from.


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