Internet censorship and Future of Online Freedom in Pakistan


Couple of days ago a news immerged in media that a man has been handed death sentence on alleged blasphemy in social media. News was quite shocking for everyone because no one has been given such a harsh sentence on cyber crimes in the past. But as mentioned above, this sentence was more related to Blasphemy than cyber crime. Blasphemy is taken very seriously in Pakistan and many people have lost their lives on this issue.

If someone is alleged to have done Blasphemy, most of time people don’t wait for justice system to act and prosecute the accused. They take matters in their own hand and kill the accused before security forces can do anything. However every time it happened , perpetrators of these extra judicial killings got convicted and received their punishment.

Things have been little different on social media where everyone was anonymous and could express anything without and consideration for consequences that can follow on real world, but things have changed now. Pakistan has introduced new cyber crime laws which are very strict and are being implemented by security agencies special units, who can trace the culprits of these crimes. Like the one mentioned above. Many other people have been convicted on cyber crimes in different type of cases, ranging from identity theft to blackmailing.

Things were different a little ago when Pakistan was free cyber space with no mechanism for enforcement of any rules they had, but things are different now .This new situation give rise to another dimension. As these units might be working very professionally now . what happens if some rogue government takes power , then political victimization and loss of privacy is ultimate future of digital space.

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Written by Zain Saeed

Zain is an engineer by profession and freelance journalist. After 6 years of working in different sectors, he got into entrepreneurship. He always thought he can be more useful in building something that can improve the society.

As a co-founder and advisor of Babaje Group, he’s dream is to build a better society while improving himself in the process. He’s the best golf player in town.


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