iPhone X: Mandatory Facial Recognition – You Should Worry About!

It’s pronounced “iPhone Ten” – The Face ID makes some serious threats to user private data

iPhone X FaceID

Apple just unveiled it’s next generation smartphone called “iPhone Ten” or iPhone X and it has features filled with artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AI) that make some serious threats to user private data, such as Face ID data. And for security reasons, it’s not safe.

Back in 2015 hackers claimed that they can fool the Face ID with some very easy tricks like putting a photograph of a person in front of camera to unlock – and the system would take it as a real person.

People have noted that the facial recognition feature could easily be abused by crooked cops. All they would have to do is hold it up to a person’s face to unlock it.

What if a person is introverted or uncomfortable with surveillance? People already know to cover their cameras and microphones with duct tape to avoid being recorded. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg seems to think it’s necessary.

We are going through from a very crucial time in history where everyone is struggling to acquire as much data as they can no matter what because everyone knows data is power in future. We are going through the era of Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Robots, where users’s original data would play a very important role.

Apple implemented this brand new feature “Face ID“. You don’t need a six digits passcode or TouchID to unlock your smartphone, your face would do the thing – just look at your new iPhone X and it will unlock automatically. You can see how powerful and efficient these systems are and imagine how they are manipulating with your real information.

Your face is unique and these systems can so powerful that even great changes on your face like you raised beard or long hairs or moustaches – your friends may not recognize you but iPhone X would identify you.

And the iPhone X’s price is relatively higher than other competitor smartphones.

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Written by David Angelo

David is a self-motivated entrepreneur. He's been helping startups for years, his passion is building new products and creating opportunities that other people can get benefit from.


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