Kim Jong Un is probably unstoppable after sending a missile over Japan

North Korea waited very little to defy new UN sanctions by sending a missile over Japan.

North Korea nuclear weapon program is becoming dangerous for U.S. as they are not able to stop Kim to stop testing nuclear missiles.

Recently North Korea send a missile to Japan saying that it no longer need to exist on world map. U.S want to proceed talk with North Korea but U.S wants to talk about stopping the missiles & nuclear research that is not acceptable for North Korea at all. Kim also want to initiate talks but the subject should be different – they want North Korea to be included in the list of nuclear nations.

Don’t forget that North Korea has put United States in it’s striking distance and proved it by launching a test missile last month. U.S. has already planned & implemented defence strategy against North Korea nuclear attack just in case.

U.S called China to stop oil supply to North Korea and it’s neighbours because China is the key to resolve North Korea matter. But that won’t matter – it’s too late. North Korea has a solution for everything now – thanks for technology. Kim is acquiring Bitcoin capital to start trading using cryptocurrencies like bitcoins. It’s unstoppable and no one can track. They can trade anything from anywhere in the World anonymously.

Here’s the argument, North Korea has everything they need and it’s very much difficult for any other nation to stop them from their mission.

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Written by David Angelo

David is a self-motivated entrepreneur. He's been helping startups for years, his passion is building new products and creating opportunities that other people can get benefit from.


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