Real James Bond 007 Movie Scene In Pakistan (Watch Video)


While west in busy watching wonder women, fast of furious and waiting for another bond series movie, Pakistani people like it real and live. A new video has emerged on internet showing a real scene which will get 9 out of 10 from all HollyWood action directors.

Action starts with a man with cam following a truck ,just like in movies ,with both of them accelerating at high speed. Their fast speed can be observed from stationary objects on the roads. A man is hanging from the side door of big truck , trying to break the glass window buy punching it harder and herder unfortunately failing every time while truck driver who is playing villain in this action is racing and passing truck close to other vehicles to get rip him off.
luckily some vehicles made the driver stop truck and after that people started yelling and beating the hell out of him.

Incident took place on GT road Pakistan when a traffic police officer tried  to stop a truck which had just ran over a motor bike injuring passengers when traffic police officer tried to stop him, driver tried to flee scene. Officer jumped and clung to the side door , ultimately arresting him. He was handed over to police.
All nations needs heroes like him.

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Written by Zain Saeed

Zain is an engineer by profession and freelance journalist. After 6 years of working in different sectors, he got into entrepreneurship. He always thought he can be more useful in building something that can improve the society.

As a co-founder and advisor of Babaje Group, he’s dream is to build a better society while improving himself in the process. He’s the best golf player in town.


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