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    Rich people’s lifestyle vs poor people

    Rich people lifestyle

    Rich people are different than poor people, we all know that. But the real questions is how different are they? Are the luxuries they have makes them different from poor people? Poor People First of all, let me clear this. Poor people are poor, it’s not anyone’s fault, it’s their own. There are always opportunities […]

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    Forced Amputations and Begging Business in Pakistan

    Amputated Child Begging Pakistan

    It is normal for society to have some people begging for money. Although it is not a desirable act but everything have reasons. Some of these reasons are genuine; these people really need our help while other might be just addicted to it. It is the second category that is most concerning to us. Our […]

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    Shah Daula’s ‘Choohay’ Violation of Human Rights in Pakistan’s shrines

    Shah Daula’s Choohay

    There are many things done in the name of religion, some might be correct and some can be denounced very easily. In Pakistan, religion holds significant importance and with religion come many different rituals followed by different segments of society. This is the story of Gujrat’s Shah Daula Shrine and ‘Shah Daula Shah ke Choohay’. […]