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    What news Imran Khan feared the most about getting leaked

    Imran Khan and Reham Khan Marriage News Leaked

    Imran Khan who is now the President of the political party “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf”. Imran’s first wife was Jemima Goldsmith Khan and that was his real wife. Reham Khan, who he never married and that was all a big political stunt (NOW revealed). And he is really disappointed about the news getting leaked. He never married with […]

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    I salute his strategy, this man made $10,000 in just 4 hours

    This man’s genius, he used to sit with one basket and making $25 to $50 in 6 hours a day. He brainstorm and got this idea, to make a competition among people of different religions. As he know that people only give for a purpose, no one just give anything for nothing, there’s always a […]

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    Fawad Khan VS Momina Mustehsan

    Momina vs Fawad

    This competition is only between Momina Mustehsan and Fawad Khan exclusively on organized by Babaje Group. Who gets the most up votes, would win!! And the voters would get a surprise gift, it could be one from the list below. Rupees 5000 Recharge 10 mins talk with Momina on Skype 10 mins talk with […]

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    This is how to tell if Someone’s been looking at your Facebook profile

    Facebook profile views

    Ever wanted to know who’s been looking at your Facebook profile? Of course you have, we all have, it’s what every one of the social network’s more than 1.2 billion active daily users are all desperate to know. Well, there’s now a way to discover exactly that. The feature has been added as part of […]

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    Pakistani actresses in Ramadan & after, how rude? (watch video)

    Pakistani Celebrities & Their Ramadan Transformation

    Ramadan starts, and people change . It’s actually not that they change, they want extra income on top of their traditional receiving. They just change their physical appearance to look like real religious person or islamic scholar. They are being cast on different types of Ramadan transmissions, they would talk about Islam, Hadith, explain Quran […]