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Zainab Abbas

Zainab Abbas- All you need to know about her.


She is Pakistani Sports Host and Journalist. Most of time she hosts and analyze cricket events. She has become a social Media Celebrity in Pakistan.

Coming to Limelight

She became famous after her coverage of PSL 2017. Many people had very little knowledge about her before that event but after that she was famous, at least everybody had heard her name. She covered ICC CT2017 wonderfully , most of her predictions proved right and she reached level of international recognition after that event.

Selfie Curse


One of the most awkward but non-disputable fact about her is her Selfie Curse. Whomever she takes selfie before match is doomed to failure and ofter teams with high predictions lost thier matches after taking selfies with her. Kohli, Angela Mathews,AB de Villiers Are few of many examples


She has masters degree in Marketing and Strategy from Warwick University. Education Abroad has really played an important role in her ascendancy to this level.

Road to Journalism

Her coming to journalism and TV , by her own Words was by slip of events. We are thankful to God for this slip 🙂

Lahorite ???

He said she is Lahori by heart and cannot say No to food.

Love for Cricket

He as by her own Twitter account addicted to cricket from very young age and Cannot live without it.

Hobby and Likings

She like giving Makeover and once said nothing gives her more satisfaction than a happy bride. She Prefers Chai over Coffee , Asian are same 🙂

Happy Family

She has 5 brothers in siblings.Her role model and Ideal is her own Mother.

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Written by Zain Saeed

Zain is an engineer by profession and freelance journalist. After 6 years of working in different sectors, he got into entrepreneurship. He always thought he can be more useful in building something that can improve the society.

As a co-founder and advisor of Babaje Group, he’s dream is to build a better society while improving himself in the process. He’s the best golf player in town.


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